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Professional Dog Grooming with positive handling 

Classy Canine Spa


Grooming isn’t just about cleaning up to look and smell nice,

it’s about your dog’s health and well-being, too!

Robyn keeps nails in good order,  coats and skin in healthy condition, and most importantly,

keep a close lookout for any abnormalities that might be telling  but easily missed! – signs of possibly serious health conditions.

It’s also universally agreed on by vets and experts that grooming is an essential practice that helps prevent

or identify a veritable catalogue of skin problems, parasite infestations, and many other detrimental conditions.

And it’s not just their physical health that benefits! 

Grooming is an effective method of dog training that helps build your dog’s confidence and tolerance

with essential processes to their health later in life with veterinary visits, young children or anything else that might come their way.

For Beauty; For Health

Kennel Cut



An easy-to-maintain style that keeps the same length all over,

usually 0.5" or less of hair.

Low maintenance and great for summer.

Starts at:


Bath & Tidy



Treat your dog to a bath, brush, and trim around the bum, face, ears, legs and feet. (No length taken off body). This is a great service for clients in-between regular full groom dates, or for long/double coated breeds that do not require full grooms.

Starts at:


Teddy Bear 



A fluffy style that leaves the legs and face full, while the body is trimmed as desired.  Average length is over 0.5".

This is a high maintenance cut that requires a knot-free coat and continues brushing by owner to keep the coat in suitable condition. Great for winter.

Starts at:



Robyn chooses the right products for your dog's coat and needs, whether it be a whitening & brightening shampoo,medicated shampoo,

keratin product to promote growth and strength, an extra deep cleaning shampoo,or a detangling solution to help soften matted hair.


She groom's your pet from start to finish, which means the appointment typically lasts 2-4 hrs, depending on which services are being provided. When your pet is ready we will call you and you can pick them up right away.


Customers can also feel more comfortable knowing that we are a small salon and take only a limited number of pets per day.

This helps us concentrate on each individual dog and reduces stress levels. Robyn believe's in quality not quantity. petgroomer

Extra add-on services

Ear plucking

$10 +

(depending on ear condition) 

ear hair can prevent air flow into the ear canal so if a little moisture or yeast builds up inside the ear and there is no air flow then the dog's ears can become infected.Plucking the ear hair out will also mean that it is more easily visible. 


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About Robyn

Robyn has been a professional dog groomer at VCA Shawnessy Animal Hospital for over 8 years.

Robyn has a special connection to dogs, a characteristic that makes her an excellent Dog Groomer.

She was born in South Africa and developed a passion of all wildlife and domestic animals from a young age.  She moved to Canada and made Calgary her home 12 years ago.

She has a true passion and artistic “eye” to drive her to be an exceptional and professional Dog Groomer. She has a gently calming nature, often going beyond her clients expectations.

Robyn stays on the cutting edge of grooming trends, products and technology by

continual education, courses and networking with other professional groomers worldwide,

she also strives to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible and has

mastered the art of handling difficult and nervous dogs with her soothing energy.

Robyn is passionate about healthy grooming and shares our

philosophy that pet grooming is a vital part in the wellbeing and health of a pet.

She completed a Dog Grooming apprenticeship at a Calgary Salon in 2008,

and has perfected the art of grooming by one-on-one attention, patience and

love for her grooming transformations.

Robyn is the proud owner of a Sheltie-Bichon mix named “Honey”

and she works alongside Robyn to help nervous dogs feel calm and safe. #southcalgarydogs

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